Comprehending Your Unique Situation and Requirements

We Provide Knowledgeable Guidance Based on Your Plan

DICE helps you use the NDIS plan easily by doing all the paperwork for you. We get bills from the people who give you services, check that they are correct, and ensure the services were done.

We help you get funding from NDIA for the services you need, pay the people who give you the services, keep you updated on your plan and ensure you get repaid from NDIS.

Customised Plan and Strategies to Suit Your Preference

We keep you informed every month by sending you a report that shows what we did for you, your current balances, and how to contact us if there are any problems with the bills or how we take care of them.DICE takes care of your financial plans through the following:

  • Financial education
  • Assistance in decision-making
  • Administrating strategies
  • Guiding schemes
  • Assisting self-management
  • Enhancing autonomy

How We Assist in Managing Your NDIS Plan

Reduce your workload and leave the heavy lifting to us. You may continue to put all of your attention into accomplishing your objectives by letting us handle all the tedious, dull aspects of your NDIS plan!

Save Time

We handle your billings and reduce workload

Deal with Your Providers

Keep track of your invoices and finances with us

Pay Your Providers

No more extra workload of dealing with providers as we take care of them for you

Manage Your Budget

Strategise and tailor your budget as you see fit