Who We Are

At DICE, we’re here for the new world of disability support – the NDIS world. We get the NDIS; that might seem complicated, but don't let that scare you! We're passionate about working with people with disabilities and their support systems. Thus, we want people to feel empowered and comfortable in achieving their goals, no matter what they go through in their journey.

We have worked hard over the years to maintain our caring culture. To help you succeed, we've designed an effective solution that values freedom of choice, independence, and success. We believe you chose the treatment that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Exceptional Service and Caring Team

DICE is committed to matching you with workers who are the right fit for your needs. We are a certified provider of NDIS disability services and work on various NDIS support services to ensure that we deliver the best level of support.

To ensure you receive the best care possible, our medical experts combine therapy with everyday life to bridge the gap between the hospital and your home. We help you to live confidently in your neighbourhood.

Our Values, Mission & Goals

Our main goal is to provide personalised care for you. Our staff is knowledgeable and sees you as a unique individual with valuable abilities. We are proud of delivering great customer service and helping you achieve your long-term goals.

Personalized Care

We respect and listen, serving tailored services within our work team and toward the clients.


We value honesty and integrity, always acting in a sincere and transparent manner and upholding morality.


We convey appreciation towards others in every engagement, whether it is with one another, the clients we serve, our stakeholders, or the larger community.


To aim to enable our clients to live the lifestyle of their choice, & function with utmost care.


We fulfil our commitments and strive to bring about good improvements in the lives of our clients.


Our team is made up of diligent individuals passionate about helping people.

Registered NDIS Provider

We are a recognized NDIS service provider, assisting you or a loved one in requesting and acquiring optimum services for new or ongoing plans. Our wide team of therapists and mental health experts have many years of expertise working with children and adults, people with disabilities, and the NDIS. To support you in achieving your objectives, our clinical teams collaborate and provide personalized services based on your individual needs. Based on your customized plans, we can assist you with various services, whether it be in your home or at one of our clinics. As a registered NDIS provider, we have undergone audits as part of the registration process to ensure that we adhere to high standards for compliance, quality, and safety imposed by the NDIS safeguard commission.