Enhancing the Joy and Engagement of Community Involvement

A Secure Place Where You May Grow and Fit In

DICE is aware that it can be difficult for individuals with disabilities to interact with others and participate in social activities. DICE is constantly committed to fostering an environment encourages people to participate more freely.

As per the NDIS plan, the community participation program at DICE aims to enable clients to participate in community activities, go out and engage in activities like using the neighbourhood library, engage in vacations or trips, and visit theatres or concerts.

Pursuing Sustainability Adhering to Quality and Safety Standards

Our goal is to help you see more things and have new experiences. We want to help you do things you want to and not be limited by where you live. We support you in taking part in your community:

  • Join a club
  • Play sport
  • Join the gym
  • Hobby enhancement
  • Creative class participation
  • Learning new activities

How We Assist Your Community Collaboration

DICE’s dependable and welcoming staff will stay in touch with you and include you in thinking of fresh, original approaches to accomplish your goals. 

Socialise with Your Peers

Participate in social activities and gatherings

Build Relationships

Enjoy new friendships in the neighborhood

Increase Your Skills

Build your capacity and confidence and improve living

Be Part of the Community

Engage in community growth and proactive participation