Travel Support for People with a Disability

Assisting Your Transportation Needs to Maintain Your Independence.

Our team at DICE helps people who have a hard time travelling to get from one place to another. We understand that being able to use transportation is important for being independent. Our team works hard to support people in the community who are disabled, elderly, or vulnerable. This includes driving, taking the bus or train, and relying on people to use transport to discover new opportunities.

There are many support services accessible from NDIS to assist you in enjoying your way of living to the maximum, regardless of whether you live with a disability or a loved one does.

Get a Regular Transport at Hand

Travelling Safely with a Disability.
  • Public transport assistance
  • Community or shared travel options near you
  • Travel with your support worker
  • Attend your appointments
  • Assistance in engaging community activities such as gatherings and clubs
  • Private transport for disabled people
  • Get your medicine from the nearest pharmacy
  • Vehicle modifications for people with disabilities